Christian Formation

In line with the national trend in Catholic education, we are moving our two parishes toward a model of Whole Community Catechesis.  To that end, the highest priority for all families at St. Catherine and St. Joan of Arc will be placed on worship.  Attendance at Mass is the most important form of catechesis for all ages in a Catholic parish.

We have designed our program as a means of “living the faith, not just providing book knowledge and tradition.”  We welcome you to contact us for more information.

Mary Sue Reutebuch
Director of Christian Formation

Bill Frederick
Youth Minister

Characteristics of Whole Community Catechesis

  • Sunday Mass is the most important gathering of the Christian Community.
  • The total parish is involved in learning and sharing about the faith.  Every age in the parish is involved, not just children and youth.
  • Families are the domestic church.  Home is where faith happens on a continuing basis.
  • Christian Formation is not an optional parish program with a beginning and an end.  Continual faith formation is part of being Christian.
  • Formal Christian Formation is offered in the following ways:
    • Sunday morning Religious Education classes for K4 through 6th grade.
    • Sunday evening Religious Education classes for 7th through 11th grade, including preparation for Confirmation.
    • Youth Ministry for 12th grade.
    • Adult Formation.
    • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) and RCIA for children.